Monday, April 22, 2013

Healing begins here.

She can’t help but to look at him
With a shattered heart
If it was only just for fun
Why’d it break her apart?

He whispered “You’re beautiful”
As she gave him her all
Then he threw her aside
And she watched herself fall

Spiraling downward with time,
She watched him move on
Tell me, if it was only just for fun,
Why did it feel so wrong?

To keep it real, I know the feeling,
It’s not simple, and hurts a lot.
Because your body makes a promise
Whether you do, or not.

She’s left feeling empty
He’s left for someone else
It’s left up to her now
She hides the pain up on a shelf

As she paints a mental picture
Of her perfect hiding place
She doesn’t know that the Greatest Artist
Wants to repaint her soul with the color of grace.

She keeps pushing it away,
The thought that there’s a Creator
She wonders if He’s really there,
Then why does everybody hate her?

She says “If God really loves me,
Why can’t I get a break?
Why can’t I show my face?
Why don’t I want to be awake?”

God created you to be loved.
Not to be used by some guy’s lust.
Not to be an object of man,
but rather an instrument of His, if you trust.

He will make your life complete
When you place all the broken pieces before Him.
It won’t always be easy,
I know your emotions are worn thin.

God made himself vulnerable
So the vulnerable could be healed.
Jesus drank all of our sin on the cross
If anyone, He KNOWS how you feel.

He says, go and sin no more.
I've got you in my hand
Mercy is yours,
You're in the arms of the Lamb.

He has heard your prayer.
He has seen your tears.
Don’t you worry, He will heal you.
And take away all of your fears.

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